758: A758 Waka and Peg People Set

A758  Waka and Peg People Set photo
  • Category: R-P
  • No Pieces: 6
  • Manufacturer: Wee Wooden Wonders
  • Age: 18+ months
  • Replacement cost: $95.00
  • Storage: : Plastic container


Beautiful Large Māori Waka that fits 8 or 10cm pegs. 

Great for explorative play and learning stories.

In the past, Māori used waka (canoes) just as we use cars today. These are a representation.  New Zealand’s waterways were like roads, running along the coast and up rivers. Waka would be paddled along them, carrying people and goods. Some Māori still build traditional waka today.


One Waka and 5 peg people.