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Wadestown Toy Library Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Membership

What kind of toys are available at the toy library?

Here at the Wadestown Toy Library, we have a wide selection of toys suitable for the youngest babies up to about 5 or 6 years of age.  We have many infant toys, puzzles, dress-ups, role playing toys (such as kitchens and construction sets), musical instruments, lego and duplo, outdoor toys (such as pop-up tents and sports sets), games and ride-on toys (scooters, cars, and balance bikes). The cost of many individual toys would be greater than the annual subscription, making membership great value!

What is the borrowing period?

Three weeks. If you bring toys back late, you will be charged overdue fines of $1 per week per toy. However if you can't make it to the toy library on the due date, you can email us on WadestownToyLibrary@gmail.com and we will renew the toys, meaning no overdue fines will be charged. 

Committee members are not charged for overdue toys.

Is there an age limit on children using the toy library?

No. Families can remain members of the toy library for as long as they still get enjoyment from the toys.

How many toys can I borrow at one time? 

The number of toys allowed is five toys plus three puzzles.

Can grandparents join?

Yes. In addition to the annual subscriptions, we offer short-term memberships which are useful, for example, when children are visiting for holidays. 

Can I give someone a membership as a gift?

Yes we have gift memberships, which are a great practical gift for new parents as they come to terms with the challenges of parenting and the “play-needs” of their children.

How much does membership cost?

There is an annual subscription to join the Wadestown Toy Library. The first year's membership includes a one-off joining fee of $10. We offer discounted subscriptions to Community Service Card holders:


Membership type


No duties

No. of months

Standard membership




Community Services Card




Grandparent membership 




Grandparent membership with Community Services Card




Gift memberships





What exactly are duties?

Duties are when toy library members help out at the toy library, helping the toy librarian run the session and maintain the toys.  Members might also be asked to be involved with toy library functions, such as the annual fundraising local fair.


How many duties do duties/committee members carry out?

Members need to commit to three duties per year. Committee members do not have to do duties.


Can members choose when to do duties?

Yes, members can select their own duty dates – the roster is available at the toy library. However if there are gaps in the roster and you haven’t already chosen a date, you may be assigned a date. You can arrange a swap with another member if your duty date doesn’t suit. 


What does being on the Committee involve?

The Committee of the Wadestown Toy Library are a group of volunteers who coordinate the management and funding of the toy library. Committee roles include fundraising, grants applications, toy purchasing and packaging. Committee meetings are held approximately once a month. Committee members are not charged for overdue fees and do not have to complete duties. Additionally they get first choice in selecting toys for holiday loans and at toy sales. 


Are there any other charges, for example, per toy?

Unlike some toy libraries which charge for every toy taken out, we do not have any other charges on top of the annual subscription so, in most cases, you should not have to pay any extra. 


The exceptions to this are for:

  • Toys returned late, without notification - are fined at $1 per week per toy.
  • Lost toys - are fined at the full replacement cost. This money may be refunded if the toy is found within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Lost toy parts - are fined at a rate of $5 per piece or $5 per damaged box/bag. If the parts are returned, the fines are refunded.
  • In the case where so many toy parts have been lost that the toy becomes unusable, the full replacement cost is charged.
  • Damaged toys – are fined at the rate of $5 per piece, however we do appreciate it if you can find an equivalent replacement part for the toy. Feel free to discuss this with the toy librarian.
  • Duty non-attendance - non-attendance for a rostered duty will incur a $25 charge. We are happy to forgo this charge if you can arrange a substitute helper. 
  • Hire of the Bouncy Castle is charged at $25 a day for members and $50 a day for non-members


How can I pay my membership and fines?

Unfortunately the toy library does not take EFTPOS or credit cards, but it does take online payments, cash or cheque (we prefer online payments). The details for online payments are:

Kiwibank account number: 38-9006-0312217-00

Name: Wadestown toy library

Please use your name as reference and then let us know by emailing us on WadestownToyLibrary@gmail.com


When is the toy library open?

Saturdays 10am – 12 noon.


Is the toy library open in the school holidays?

We are generally open the first weekend of school holidays and closed on the second and third weekends. We are also closed for approximately six weeks from mid-December to early February. However some of our larger toys such as ride-ons, slides and kitchens can be borrowed for the summer holiday period.  


What if a toy I have borrowed is faulty or damaged?

We suggest you check the toys you borrow BEFORE children play with them.  If there is a missing or broken piece, let a librarian know as soon as possible so that you won’t be charged for the piece when you return the toy.

Always supervise the use of puzzles or toys with small pieces, especially if you have babies or pets in your house.  Outdoor toys with metal parts or electrical components should be stored inside while you have them to help ensure that they remain rust-free & safe for all users. 

All toys should be clean & dry when returned.