Membership Options

Joining the Wadestown Toy Library.

Registering is a simple process that can be done by emailing us at or by popping into the Wadestown Community Centre during our operating hours.

Please see our membership pricing below. There is an annual subscription to join the Wadestown Toy Library and the first year's membership includes a one-off joining fee of $10. You will also see that we offer discounted subscriptions to Community Service Card holders:

Membership type Duties/committee No duties No. of months
Standard membership $80 $160 12
Community Services Card $40 $80 12
Half Year membership* $40 $80 6
Grandparent membership n/a $80 12
Gift membership 6 weeks n/a $25 1.5
Gift membership 12 weeks n/a $50 3

*The Half Year Membership has been added due to the unknown status of the Wadestown Community Center (home of our Wadestown Toy Library).

As a member who is involved with duties, we ask that you help out at the toy library at least three times a year. Helping the toy librarian run the session and maintain the toys. Members might also be asked to be involved with toy library functions, such as the annual fundraising local fair. Jump over to our FAQ page to find out more about this.


Bouncy Castle Hire: On Hold For Repairs

Hire of the Bouncy Castle is charged at $25 a day for members and $50 a day for non-members.


Dimensions: 3m L x 2.20m W x 1.80m H