806: Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood photo
  • Category: CON
  • No Pieces: 31
  • Age: 18+ months
  • Donated by: Belinda Walker
  • Storage: : Box and Lid


1x Winnie the Pooh figure
1x Eeyore figures
1x Tigger figure
1x Piglet figure
1x Brown bridge
1x Blue wagon (attached handle + 4 wheels)
1x Red house with yellow roof
1x Green window frame
1x Large brown tree trunk
1 x Light brown tree block
2x Green tree tops
1x Purple honey pots
1x Red present boxes
5 x Flowers (2 green,2 purple, 1 yellow)
3 x Picture blocks (blue rain, yellow bumble bees, red butterflies)
1 x blue 4x2 block
3 x green 4x2 blocks
1 x green 1x2 curved block
2 x green 2x2 blocks
1 x red 2x6 block
2 x red 2x2 blocks
1 x yellow 2x8 block
1 x yellow 2x4 block
1 x yellow lego 2x2 block