814: VTech Learn and Grow Farm

VTech Learn and Grow Farm photo
  • Category: IMG
  • No Pieces: 17
  • Manufacturer: vtech
  • Age: 1+ years


This super cute farm play set is all about discovering, playing and exploring! Featuring a moveable play panel that gives different responses depending on whether it’s in or out of the farm building! 3 chunky, light up buttons teach times of the day; morning, afternoon & evening with fun character related phrases about what the animals do around the farm at those times!

Place the farmer & animals on the Talking Point to hear them introduce themselves with fun facts through the two modes of play; Playtime and Farm time. Includes 3 sing-along songs and 12 fun melodies.


1 large barn;
1 removable barn interactive floor;
1 silo;
1 small barn;
1 windmill;
1 tractor;
1 garden patch;
1 hay bail;
1 sticks bail;
4 brown fences;
1 farmer;
1 cat;
1 cow;
1 chicken.
Missing: trailer, see-saw, donkey